गुफा में मिला अंग्रेजों का खजाना? Secret Mountain Caves REVEALED!!

In India, once a gold bird, there are talks of having treasures in many temples, caves, and forts. But today we are going to tell you about the place, it is said that there are treasures worth thousands of crores. Actually, Jammu-Kashmir is called heaven on earth.

Jammu and Kashmir have been of great importance from the spiritual point of view since ancient times. It has been described in Shiva Purana to Skanda Purana and many other Puranas. Jamwant Caves of this Jammu, which is situated on the banks of the Tawi river, is said to have treasures worth thousands of crores. This cave is also known as ‘Peer Kho Cave’ due to many pairs, mystics, and sages doing penance in this cave.

Jamwant Cave of Jammu i.e. ‘Pir Kho Cave’ is

a cave temple built on the eastern end of Jammu city, which is considered to be the Taposthali of Jamwant. People here believe that this cave is associated with many temples and caves outside the country as well. It is believed that in Dwapar Yuga, there was a war between Jamwant and Lord Krishna in this cave. At the same time, many pir-fakirs and sages have done severe penance in this cave, hence its name ‘Pir Kho’. Khoh means cave in the Dogri language.

Want War

Jamwant war believed that Rama-Ravana was commander of Lord Rama’s army. After the end of the war, when Lord Rama started returning to Ayodhya after leaving the most, Jamwant Ji told him, Lord, everyone got an opportunity to fight in the war, but I did not get any opportunity to show my valor. Because of this my desire to fight remained in my mind.

At that time Lord Shri Ram told Jamwant Ji, this wish of yours will definitely be fulfilled when I will take Krishna avatar. Till then you should do penance by staying at this place. After this, when Lord Krishna appeared in an avatar, the Lord fought Jamwant in this cave. This war lasted for 27 consecutive days. In which neither side was defeated or won, but Jamwant recognized Shri Ram as Krishna Avatar and apologizing returned the gem as well as gave his daughter Jamvanti’s hand in the hands of Shri Krishna.

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