The Best Free English Courses on The Web

Learning a language takes time and willingness to invest in it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean investing a lot of money. We wanted to share some real nuggets of discovery among the many websites that offer free English lessons.

Find free English courses that have a real agenda.
If you want to progress effectively to achieve a goal on a specific date, we strongly advise you not to get lost in sites that offer many tools for learning a language without a specific program or at least resources classified by level. You can navigate this massive flow of information for hours without really knowing what you learned in the end, and without having the opportunity to review what you learned in the long term, which is one of the keys to success.

So, if you are enthusiastic and ready to groom yourself at any pace of the course (it’s time, to be honest with yourself 😉) you will find something that will greatly satisfy your will. They all offer effective free resources to take you level after level, starting with your own.

5 Best Free English Courses

1 The British Council website is incredibly rich, and more than that, it is very good! The three editions – for children, teens, and adults – provide a variety of free resources: games, videos, exercises, and so on, all in an age-appropriate format. Vocabulary and grammar of course, but also lessons to understand British culture or prepare for an exam. In short, it is enough to feed you a good time with high-quality resources (especially videos). By registering, you can participate, ask questions of other members, and download lessons. You must explore it without fail!

Free English language course with the British Council

2 BBC website. The English, again to them! This solution is also very complete and allows you to not only advance the English language with serious articles but as well as keep up with the latest news (see the LingoHack section – for at least an intermediate level). Many of the free videos are very effective at learning or remembering pronunciation, grammar, etc… and to advance your listening comprehension.

3 Duolingo of course! Because it is a method that takes you step-by-step on the road to progress, because the free version is complete, and because it is fun and easy to use, especially with the app.

4 You may not be familiar with English Live (formerly Englishtown) but you’ve likely heard of the EF Education First group they belong to. While we were updating this article, the free daily lessons sadly disappeared. They now offer paid courses online, one-on-one, or in small groups, with a tutor.

5 A CNED website to teach English to children in a fun way (videos, games, tests, texts, audios, categorized by level and topic). By registering, you will find your favorite activities in your favorites. This is a great way to provide your child with a very wide range of CNED approved English language learning activities.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on these sites, or if you want to eat in several places depending on your mood, we’ve extended this selection to the top 10. Check out our selection of free English lessons privately like.

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