How To Disconnect Your Instagram Account From Facebook

If you’re active on social media, then you’ll know that there are many advantages of linking both your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Firstly, it’s easy to share your Instagram posts on Facebook. And, it’s much easier to seek out and hook up with your Facebook friends on Instagram. If you are doing not link these accounts, then you’ll need to undergo tons of straightforward steps to post equivalent content and hook up with an equivalent set of friends on both social networks. Still, if you would like to disconnect both these social networks, then you’ll follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Disconnect Your Instagram Account From Facebook

To disconnect Instagram from Facebook, you would like to first open Instagram on your phone and follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings -> Options and click on Linked Accounts -> Facebook.
  • Tap on Unlink Account.
  • On iOS devices, you will get a prompt asking you if you want to disconnect the Facebook account. Tap on Yes, I’m sure.

Notably, business account users on Instagram can do an equivalent by switching to a private account first. to try to do this, attend Business Settings -> Options and tap on Switch Back to non-public Account. In doing so, all the new posts you share on Instagram will not appear on Facebook. And, you’ll not see the prompt to follow your Facebook friends on the photo-sharing app.

How To Remove Instagram Posts From Facebook

If disconnecting both the social media networks isn’t enough for you, then you’ll plow ahead and take away Instagram posts that you simply have shared on Facebook previously. you’ll follow the steps below during a browser for an equivalent .

  • Firstly, go to Settings -> Apps. If Instagram is not visible in the list click on See More.
  • Click on the Instagram icon from the list.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see the Remove App option. Click on this option.
  • In the pop-up window, check the box to remove all your Instagram posts that you have shared on your Facebook account. Confirm by clicking Remove.

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