How to see WhatsApp status without users knowing, know simple trick here

WhatsApp users put their status on the app regarding their daily life and also see the status of others. Many times it happens that we also want to see someone’s status but do not want the person in front to know whether we have seen his status or not. Today we are going to tell you such a trick, with the help of which you can see the status of anyone without even knowing it. Let’s know how.

Turn off this feature like this

To turn off Blue Tick, first go to WhatsApp’s Settings.
After going to Settings, now go to Account.
After doing this, going to Privacy, the option of Read Receipts will appear.
Now turn off this option. After doing this the blue tick feature will be turned off.
After this feature is turned off, you can see the status of anyone, your name will not show in Seen.
Along with this, after turning off this feature, by sending a message, it will not be able to find out whether your message has been read or not.

Read WhatsApp messages like this without opening the chat box

To read WhatsApp messages, first go to the home screen of the phone and long press the option of multitasking here.
Now you will see some new options here, from these select the option of Widgets.
Now shortcuts of different apps will be visible here.
Out of these you have to search for WhatsApp shortcut.
Now you can drag and drop WhatsApp shortcuts anywhere you want.
After doing this, you will see any new message without opening it.
But if you click on a message, you will go directly to the WhatsApp chat.

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