Top 5 Best Android Apps

  • Weather

Weather is potentially one of the best weather software out there. It features a simple, paginated design that shows you the current climate, a radar, and other fun statistics, forecast for up to 12 weeks. In addition, you can get a pretty good set of lightly adjustable widgets and regular items such as extreme weather alerts and a radar so that you can see the incoming storms. The lightweight style that only gives you the weather and nothing else is perhaps its best attribute. It’s quick to pass the UI around.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution available on Android where, when signing up, all new users permanently get 15 GB for free. You should, of course, if necessary, buy more. The suite of Android software attached to it is what makes Google Drive so unique. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Images, Google Images, Gmail , Google Calendar, and Google Keep are included as well.

You have applications for virtually everything you like to do in terms of productivity between the workplace applications, the Images app (which requires unrestricted photo and video backup), and Hold Notes for note keeping. Live teamwork, deep sharing functionality, and connectivity with Microsoft Office documents are some of the functionality of these applications. If you choose something fresh, you will find more cloud storage software here and more office applications here.

  • Google Maps and Waze

The navigation applications scene is practically dominated by Google Maps and it remains among the best Android apps ever. It gets daily, almost monthly updates that just seem to add to its extremely generous list of current features. Google Maps gives you access to points of interest, traffic info, directions to stuff like rest stops or gas stations, apart from the very basics, and they also let you now have offline maps (temporarily albiet).

  • Google Assistant / Google Feed / Google Search

This is one app that is seriously strong. It operates on most Android devices as well. The software is easily downloaded and then activated. From there, you can ask yourself what you want. It supports a number of commands, too. You can control lighting, inquire about population control, and it can also make you have basic math issues.

There are a range of devices that expand the feature much further, such as Google, Bose QC II Bluetooth speakers, Home, and Chromecast. For those who want a quick start button on the home screen, there is also a second Google Assistant app. The hardware costs money, but Google Assistant is free of charge. There are other strong personal assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, and here you can find them out.

  • LastPass Password Manager

One of the must-have applications for Android is LastPass. It’s a password manager that allows a secure, secure way to store your login credentials. On top of that, creating almost impossible passwords for you to use on your accounts will help. With a master password, it’s all managed. It has cross-platform support for laptops, handheld devices, phones, or whatever, so you can use it.

There are others, but it still seems like it is one step ahead of LastPass. The premium edition, in comparison, is cheap. For added protection, you can even catch the LastPass Authenticator to go along with it. If you need more choices, there are other opportunities for excellent password managers here. We like LastPass, however, a little more friendly and safe (usually), especially with its additional authenticator app.

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