Traditional Egg Bhurji Recipe || Dhaba Style

Traditional Egg Bhurji Recipe : Egg bhurji recipe – Indian style spiced scrambled eggs popularly known as Anda bhurji. Anda is a Hindi word that translates to eggs and bhurji refers to scramble. Egg bhurji is the easiest you can make anytime and takes just about 20 mins. Made with basic ingredients, this beginners’ recipe is sure to impress you with tons of flavor & deliciousness. It goes well with bread, pav, roti or even with plain steamed rice.

Egg bhurji is an Indian dish made by scrambling eggs & cooking with spices. It is the Indian version of scrambled eggs.

To begin with egg bhurji is made by first crackling some spices in oil and then frying the onions and ginger garlic. Then optionally tomatoes & bell peppers are sauteed to which the beaten eggs are added & scrambled. To spice up more spice powders are used.

Egg bhurji is similar to the parsi egg akuri but is made slightly different. It is made very much the same way as paneer bhurji..

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