This Woman’s “Jugaad” For A Wedding Has Twitter Amazed

Woman looks chic without compromising on safety, wears jewelry over mask

Dressing for an extraordinary event like a wedding can be precarious in the midst of a pandemic. At some random point on schedule, in the event that we are venturing out openly, wearing a cover turns out to be totally fundamental in the event that we need to shield ourselves from destructive contamination. There is no substitute for it, regardless of the conditions. The veil turns even more significant when you are going to a get-together – social, political, or strict.

Anyway, how can one respond while going to a wedding? Indeed, there can’t be any trade-off with veils. On the off chance that you are attached to gems, this image shared by IPS official Dipanshu Kabra could help you a piece.

On May 7, Mr. Kabra shared an image of a lady going to a wedding capacity, wearing a pink sari and all her gems. No, she didn’t eliminate her cover. She just conceived another procedure, something ordinarily alluded to as “jugaad” in India. The lady connected her nose-ring to the veil and many Twitter clients praised her. The IPS official inscribed the image, “Gems jugaad, level very ultra ace max”.

The tweet received over 2,000 ‘likes’.

A Twitter user @NannuK7 said only if there was a way to show the lipstick as well. “There should be a “jugaad” for lipstick too,” wrote the user.

One more user, @AArjun71093, tweeted that such a thing could happen only in India.

Here are some more reactions to the tweet:

This isn’t the only instance of a “jugaad” face mask. Last year, in March, when the coronavirus cases were gradually increasing in India, business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared a short video that had a DIY tutorial to make one’s own mask. The video showed a woman making a face mask from three items that are found at every home – tissue paper roll, elastic rubber bands and a stapler. Mahindra had captioned the clip, “No more shortage of masks?? And I thought Indians were the masters of jugaad.”

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