Mumbai: Car gets submerged in a sinkhole after heavy rain, video goes viral

In a bizarre incident, a parked car got swallowed by a sinkhole within seconds in a residential complex in Mumbai, which has been receiving incessant rains for the last few days.

The video of the vehicle submerging has gone viral all over social media. Mumbai traffic police explained that there was a well at the spot that was later covered to create a parking spot. The police further said, due to incessant rains, the land subsided and following which the incident occurred in the Ghatkopar area.

The police further stated, “Some people covered it with concrete slab and started parking cars over it. Incident occurred due to land subsidence following rain.”

However, no one was injured due to the incident.

A crane was used to pull out the car in the night, a civic official said.

Some years ago, the housing society had closed half the portion of the well by carrying out RCC work and used the spot to park the vehicles. However, due to rains, the portion caved in, and the vehicle drowned, he said. The BMC refused to take responsibility for the incident which followed a spell of heavy rains in the city.

The Twitterati were quick to respond to it. One posted, Scary visuals of a car sinking into a reclaimed well at Ghatkopar in #Mumbai.

Meanwhile, someone else said, “This reminds of the Titanic sinking scene in the movie. The size of the car is small, but the rules of physics are the same.”

Other user posted, “Mumbai drainage just ate the car!”

The India Meteorological Department on Saturday said that the city would be receiving heavy rainfall over the weekend. While an orange alert was issued for Saturday, a red alert was issued for Sunday.

Following the rain, city’s Powai lake has started overflowing, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said on Saturday.

As per the release by BMC, “Powai Lake, one of the most important artificial lakes in the BMC area, has started flowing at around 3 pm today. The same lake was completely flooded on July 5 last year. Considering this, this year the lake has started filling up and flowing about 24 days earlier than last year.”

An orange alert was issued for Mumbai on Friday. Traffic jams for hours, waterlogging on streets brought life to a standstill in the city.

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