A Book to Learn the pronunciation of English Words

There are many ways to learn English and improve your fluency. Of course, you can learn vocabulary and grammar, and chat with native speakers, but reading in English is also a great way to progress. This makes it possible to associate the written transcript with the word that you have learned to pronounce. It also has a huge advantage of being able to do it alone and on any subject. Are you interested in current affairs? Why do not you read the press in English? Passionate about cooking? Go and find New York cheesecake recipes from those who invented it!

So today we will see which book to read in English, whatever your level, but also websites and many other resources for reading in English.

Read in English: Why? How?
When you first start learning English, it can seem difficult to dive into an article in The New York Times. Don’t panic, it’s normal! In order not to feel frustrated and make the most of your reading progress, it is best to take things in stages, and for this, try to adapt your reading to your level. Here are some practical tips.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, read in English

That’s it, you feel ready, you want to start reading in English, but you really don’t know where or what to start with. Here are some ideas and tips for combining the joy of reading with the advancement of the English language.

Read and listen at the same time

First of all, it pays to combine reading with listening, it will help you improve your pronunciation and vocabulary! So, there is a great tool: audiobooks! It is best to start with a book that you have already read in French or at least one you know well. You will understand more things because you will be better able to guess the meaning of words that you do not know. Make yourself comfortable in an armchair with your book in your hand and your headphones on your ears and let yourself be transported to another world! If you don’t know where to look, here is an article that can help you find your audiobooks based on your preferences.

Digital books …
… or when technology is good for you

No matter your level of English, there are always words that you don’t know. And let’s be honest, who really has the nerve to open up a dictionary every time a new word appears? There is nothing more painful than to interrupt your reading to find a word in the dictionary. Make a list of words to search for later? Well, but you end up forgetting the context it was in, and sometimes you just don’t get very far after that.

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