4 Tourist Attractions That Put Animals To Actual Torture

Monkeys that dance
From Thailand to Ukraine, these street performers can be found all over the world. Monkeys are intelligent creatures, but they also need to be taught. And you’ve all seen how humans “train” animals by now. Not to mention that after a long day of work, these monkeys are confined to a cold cage.

Dolphin shows
Such a familiar picture: a smiling tourist swims in clear water with cute, cackling dolphins. Many hotels in Asia offer this kind of entertainment, putting dolphins in pools so that guests can swim with them. Sadly, few tourists think about the life of these poor mammals, which were raised in captivity and placed into a tiny chlorine-filled pool. It’s their own little prison where they get food for doing tricks.

The sport of bullfighting
In a war between equals, the toreador has no chance of winning. As a result, bullfighters like to weaken the bull before the show to ensure their victory. They blind the bulls by smearing noxious substances in their eyes, dropping heavy objects on their backs, and even injecting them with drugs. The toreadors, of course, stab the bulls with swords during the “performance.” What a blast!

Snakes that have been trained
Seeing the snakes “dance” to the snake charmer’s flute is quite an experience. But, if you knew how much this heinous entertainment costs, you’d never look at it the same way again. So allow me to assist you! The reptiles’ sharp fangs are often removed, and their venom ducts are blocked. Even the most vicious cobras become docile and harmless after this procedure, but

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