Union Minister Athawale said on reservation dispute: Patidars will not be able to join OBC, Patidars with income less than 8 lakh should get reservation separately

Union Minister of Social and Justice Affairs Ramdas Athawale has made an important statement regarding reservation for Patidars by holding a press conference in Ahmedabad. Ramdas Athawale said that reservation should be made for Patidars in Gujarat, Marathas of Maharashtra and Rajputs of Haryana by creating separate quota, they cannot join OBC.

Patidars earning less than 8 lakh should get reservation: The Union Minister further said that there is a caste system in the entire country. We are all working for justice. One lakh intercaste marriages are taking place across the country. Many people do not like to see Dalits dressed well and riding a horse. We are already demanding that Marathas of Maharashtra, Patidars of Gujarat who have income less than Rs.8 lakh. They should get reservation. It is not known how many days the Maharashtra government will last. Very soon the government may go. The law of One Family One Child should be brought, such is the request of our party.

Gujarat has developed well as compared to other states: Ramdas Athawale said that Gujarat has developed well as compared to other states. Narendra Modi works thoughtfully. Rahul Gandhi and Modi cannot be compared. It is not proper to say that the Modi government does the work of selling properties. Rajiv Gandhi’s 15 paise used to reach the public. Today, full money is reaching the public. The state government should also work for relief to the public regarding the increase in the price of petrol and diesel. He said that it is very important to bring uniform civil law. In this context, he will soon talk to PM Modi.

BJP’s plan to get 350 seats in 2024 under the leadership of Narendra Modi: In 2024, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the BJP plans to bring 350 and the NDA by winning more than 400 seats. Narendra Modi government has done many important works in 7 years. The Modi government has a dream to reach 100% of the beneficiaries. Privatization was initiated by Congress.


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