Under the influence of PUBG, a Pakistani 14-year-old boy kills his whole family.

Under the influence of PUBG, a 14-year-old Pakistani teenager killed his whole family “On January 28, police in Pakistan’s Punjab province reported. The boy’s mother, 45-year-old health worker Nahid Mubarak, and three siblings, Taimur, 22 months, and two sisters, 17 and 11, were among those killed. According to NDTV, the event happened last week near Kahna in Lahore. The teenaged son, who later proved out to be the killer, was the family’s only survivor. “Under the influence of the game, the PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) junkie admitted to killing her mother and brothers. Because he spends so much of his day playing the online game, he has acquired certain psychological problems “According to an NDTV report, a police statement claimed. Nahid, according to the police,

Nahid had scolded the youngster over the subject the day the boy shot his entire family to death. He then went on to take her revolver from the cabinet and kill her, as well as his three siblings, while they were sleeping. The next morning, he raised the alarm himself, prompting the neighbours to contact the cops.

The child told the authorities that he was on the second floor of the house and that he had no idea how his family had been slain. He also threw the gun down a sewer, where it has yet to be found. The weapon had been purchased by Nahid in order to defend her family. The suspect was found with a blood-stained cloth in his possession, as well as matching stains on his clothing.

As per Dawn newspaper, the boy’s confusing body language had tipped off the police, but they had decided to observe him for a few days nonetheless. He was finally detained on January 27. According to the report, this is the fourth case of crimes being committed under PUBG influence.