After getting financial aid, Taliban thanked the world, but taunted America

In order not to worsen the situation in Afghanistan, it has started getting financial aid of millions of dollars from all over the world. The Taliban have thanked the world for this emergency help. But on this occasion, he also gave advice to America. The Taliban has asked America to have a big heart for poor countries. A donor conference was held in Geneva on Monday. In this, it was promised to provide assistance of 1.2 billion dollars i.e. about eight thousand crore rupees for Afghanistan. Let us tell you that after the arrival of Taliban in Afghanistan, the country is going through a very difficult period on the political, social and economic front.

Although this financial aid is not a new thing for Afghanistan. This country has been living on foreign financial aid for a long time. But in the current circumstances, the Taliban needs more financial help. Because the salary is not being given to the government employees. Food and drink and everyday things are touching the sky.

Afghanistan’s Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki made a statement in a press conference that this financial aid will be spent wisely. He said, ‘We will use it to remove poverty. We thank you for giving one billion dollars in help to the world. Hoping for more similar help from them. Efforts will be made to reach this money to the needy in a completely transparent manner.

Muttaki taunted the US and said that it should praise the Taliban, who last month allowed the withdrawal of US forces and the evacuation of thousands of people. America is a big country and it should have a big heart too. Muttaki said that Afghanistan is also facing drought. They have already received aid from countries like Pakistan, Qatar and Uzbekistan. Although he got financial help, he did not mention it.

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