Sonu Sood, Team Save Lives Of 22 Covid Patients At Bengaluru Hospital

Sonu Sood Save Lives: The actor’s team woke up all their contacts around midnight to inform them about the emergency and people trooped in to arrange 15 oxygen cylinders in a few hours.

Entertainer Sonu Sood alongside his group on Monday worked the whole night to give oxygen to ARAK Hospital in Bengaluru from where they had gotten an SOS call.

In any event, 22 lives were in danger purportedly because of the inaccessibility of oxygen chambers. On Tuesday a colleague of the Sonu Sood Charity establishment got a call from MR Satyanarayan, the auditor of Yelahanka Old Town about a circumstance at ARAK Hospital, which had effectively lost two patients because of a deficiency of oxygen.

The group expeditiously took care of business and around 12 PM organized a chamber. They woke up the entirety of their contacts to advise them about the crisis and individuals assembled to help. Within a couple of hours, 15 more oxygen chambers were organized by Sonu Sood’s group.

“This was sheer collaboration and the will to help our individual comrades. When we got the call from Inspector Satyanarayan, we confirmed it and had the chance to act in no time. The group went through the whole night not pondering whatever else yet assisting the clinic with getting oxygen chambers. Had there been any postponement, numerous families would have lost their nearby ones,” Mr. Sood said.

“I need to thank each and every individual who helped in saving such countless lives the previous evening. It’s such activities by my colleagues that make me need to continue continuing forever and attempting to have an effect on the existences of individuals. I’m incredibly glad for Hashmath who was in contact with me all through the entire time and the whole group who helped them,” he added.

The police likewise hopped in to help and at a certain point, when a patient was to be moved and no rescue vehicle driver was accessible, they drove the patient to the next medical clinic.

The second flood of Covid has created a tsunami of diseases, and the quantity of COVID-19 positive cases has been quickly rising.

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