Shocking news: In Rajkot, the doctor was selling satchels by making immunity boosters from the mixture of expired medicines, cough syrup and Chyawanprash, seized goods worth crores

Rajkot’s Special Operation Group (SGO) police has uncovered a sensational case. A batch of poisonous immunity boosters has been recovered from the medical of a fake Ayurvedic doctor located in the city’s Shramjeevi Society. At the same time, the sensational disclosure has been made that this satchel doctor named Paresh Patel used to prepare the mixture of expired medicines, expired cough syrup and Chyawanprash to make immunity booster. He was selling this booster under the name of antidiabetic drug.

Huge quantity of expired medicines and syrup bottles recovered from Godown
When the police raided the doctor’s three medicals and Godown, it was found that there was a large number of drums filled with this paste. Along with this, a batch of expired medicines, many bottles of expired cough syrup and Chyawanprash have also been recovered from Godown. Many medicines related to kidney problems and Vitamin C medicines have also been recovered in expired medicines. The raid was going on till the filing of this report. It is also being investigated how many medicines and in which cities have been sold so far.

Medicines were collected from many places
Food and Drug Department official SS Vyas said that we had received information that fake Ayurvedic medicine is being sold in the name of immunity booster. After this, when Paresh’s clinic was raided, he was found to be a fake Ayurvedic doctor. After this, a huge quantity of expired medicines have been confiscated by raiding his godown. Samples of immunity booster prepared by Paresh have been sent for testing. A case has been registered against Paresh Patel under section 41 (d) of EPC.

Playing with people’s lives in the name of Ayurveda
After the forgery of fake Ayurvedic doctor Paresh Rawal came to the fore, again the questions are being raised that why the health department is not strict about it. Because, after reading four books of Ayurveda, many people start preparing and selling medicines at home. This is common in villages. The health department of the government should investigate such people and take action under the law of Ayurveda. Also, there is a need to amend the law of the Health Department, so that strict action can be taken against such people.

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