Robbery incident: Three people asked for a lift, then showed a gun, ran away from the businessman after robbing 20 lakh rupees and car

A businessman from Gandhinagar near Athor in Mahesan district was taken hostage by three robbers and ran away after robbing a car of Rs 20 lakh. The three robbers, disguised as a passenger in the businessman’s car, took the businessman hostage by showing him a revolver and then fled with Rs 20 lakh in cash and his car. After the incident, the police have started investigation of the accused.

According to the information, Rameshbhai Chaudhary, who lives in Sargasan, is involved in the business of cumin and commission agency, who left Gandhinagar on Tuesday for Banaskantha in the morning. On reaching Adalaj Chakdi, three men asked him for a lift on the pretext of going to Palanpur and got into the car. Then all three carried out the robbery by showing the revolver to the businessman under the conspiracy.


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