Price graph of antigen kit dropped with Corona: Price decreased by 6000% in one year, kit coming in 540 is now selling for Rs 8.95

As the graph of corona kept falling in the state, so did the price of corona test kit. The rapid antigen test kit which was coming at the rate of Rs 540 per kit during the peak time of Corona has now become only Rs 8.95. That is, the price of rapid test kit decreased by 6000 percent in a year. This shocking fact has come to the fore that in the sale and purchase of rapid kits of Surat Municipal Corporation. Surat Municipal Corporation, which is preparing for the third wave of Corona, has recently ordered to buy a rapid test kit, the rate of which came at Rs 8.95 per kit. had bought. The special thing is that in the last one month, the price of rapid test kit has decreased by 50 percent. Last month, the Municipal Corporation had bought the same kit at the rate of Rs 18.84. Municipal Corporation has been procuring Rapid Antigen Test Kits as per the requirement from time to time. The price of the kit has been coming down steadily over the past year. Municipality is buying the kit every time at a lower rate. There was some increase in the rate of the test only once.

Lower prices due to increased production and competition
Municipal Corporation will now buy 3 lakh rapid test kits at the rate of 8.95. The same kit was bought by the municipality 1 year ago for Rs 540. In this way, only 185 kits were available for 1 lakh a year ago. Now the same kit can be purchased for 11,173 rupees for one lakh rupees. According to sources, Surat Municipal Corporation started procuring rapid tests from July 2020. The rapid kit was a new product back then and the manufacturer was less, hence its cost was higher. Now many companies are producing rapid kits. Due to which the rate of kit has come down drastically due to competition.

Municipality will buy two lakh kits to prepare for the third wave
Surat Municipal Corporation had sought quotations from various companies for procuring Rapid Antigen Test Kits. 10 bidders came in the fray for the kit and only 7 bidders were able to qualify. Haryana’s Sidak Lifecare Private Limited, which gave the lowest quotation, was selected by the Municipal Corporation for the kit. This company of Haryana will supply two lakh kits to the Municipal Corporation at the rate of 8.95 per kit. It has been approved in the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Corporation.


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