No rapid test kit in civil: Corona investigation is not being done for 3 days, doctors are advising the accused and patients to be taken to smear hospital

Rapid antigen test kit is not available in civil hospital since 3 days. Due to this, corona investigation of accused and patients is not being done. However, Dr. RT-PCR is getting the investigation done in case of serious patients and suspects in corona. 150 to 200 rapid tests are conducted daily in the civil hospital. Due to non-availability of kits, these tests are not being done. Every day 40 to 50 accused in different police stations are brought to the civil hospital for corona examination.

At the same time, about 40 to 50 patients are also subjected to rapid examination daily in the trauma center. At the same time, rapid examination of more than 100 patients is also done in medicine and pediatric OPD. They have to return due to non-availability of kits for 3 days. The doctors or medical officers on duty are advising the accused brought by the police to take them to Smimer Hospital.

Rapid kit is available for 8 to 10 rupees, still not in the hospital
In the initial days, the price of rapid kits in the market was more than 500. Due to increasing need and competition in the market, its prices kept on decreasing. Now the cost of a rapid test kit is eight to 10 rupees. In such a case, such negligence by the hospital can cause serious damage.


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