Moderate rain in the city: 53,000 cusecs of water inflow in Ukai Dam, water level 330 feet

In the last 24 hours, 21 rain gauge stations of Ukai Dam received an average of 28.56 mm of rain. The inflow of water due to rain has exceeded 50,000 cusecs. The water level of Ukai Dam has reached close to 330 feet till late Wednesday night. The rule level has changed from 335 feet to 340 feet from 1st September. The current water level is 10 feet below the rule level. The dam is 66.56 percent full. The city received light to moderate rain with heavy rain forecast on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the central zone of the city has recorded 7 mm, Varachha, Udhna, Limbayat, Rander, Katargam, Athva 1 to 4 mm of rainfall. Apart from this, Kamaraj tehsil of the district has received maximum 5 mm of rain. While Chauryasi has recorded 3 mm and Mangrol and Palsana 2-2 mm of rain. The water level of Hathnoor Dam was recorded at 210.950 metres. 12 thousand cusecs of water is being released from the dam. The Meteorological Department has predicted light to moderate rain for the next two days.


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