Insta360 GO 2 In-Depth Review: 9 Things to Know!

9 New Things to Know about the new Insta360 GO 2. That’s this small little action camera you see right there. Just a touch over two gummy bears high, and about one gummy bear fat, it’s definitely the smallest action camera on the market today. At least like from any sort of major vendor or anything like that. I’m gonna tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about this camera. I’ve been using it for almost   I think three months now, so quite a long time actually. So I’ve got a lot of things that I love and a lot of things that not so much at all! And fear not, I’m gonna justify both sides of that in full detail here. Now before we get to the 9 New Things, the price! It is 299 US Dollars and that includes this clip that you wear on your neck sort of thing to hold on to it, as well as this mount of sorts there, I don’t know…there’s not really good name for it – officially it’s called the pivot stand because you can stand up like this and pivot around but uh it’s a little more complicated. That does not include the GoPro mount that you see right here. I love that mount that’s the one   I’ve been using primarily but that’s that’s fine, it’s not too expensive than an accessory. So with that let’s talk about size.

Now you can see the sizes that matter here which is gummy bears. This is   Haribo gummy bears – so the international standard of gummy bears. But if for some reason that’s not an official metric for you, here is the height and the width of the camera and the charging case.   Because there are really two pieces to this. The camera itself goes and fits into the charging case like that, and then [gulp]….sorry just there I gotta kind of eat them…and then this will go ahead and fold back up just like that. So it’s a little bit like an AirPods case in a lot of ways.   This is a charging case as well as a connectivity case, that connects to your phone. And you can control the modes right there. So I can iterate through this video and photos and so on. And then for the weights, you’ve got up here the camera. And then down here the charging case. The thing is you pretty much always have to have a   charging case with you.

Yes I can go out of range I can hit record by hitting this button right there and that starts recording you see that white light blinking there, that’s the recording light. But as I explain in only a second, altogether the opposite sections, you will not want to stray far from your case because it’s super hooked into it for a lot of other features. So let’s talk about that case…The case I would argue is probably the strongest aspect of this entire setup. So obviously it holds the camera itself. It acts as a foreign control, so once I take it out like this I can plow ahead and control the camera. So I can press this recording stop button there and you see it visited the blue steady on light, which is white for you. Which means that it is now stopped. I can change the mode by pressing this right there. I can take a photo, for example, I’ll go back here to photo. There we go….photo. All the way through…and then take a photo. Because there’s no other display or anything like that on there there’s only this white-bluish light that is the only indication besides the button which is depressing this right there. So the case is that the charging case it also acts as how to feature another two and a half times the battery lifetime of the unit itself.

We’ll get into the battery in just a second on the bottom there is a tripod mount which is kind of handy. But then these feet open up like this so you can use it as a bit of a tripod so I can take the camera plop it in like that and then use it as a bit of a tripod uh closing it back up again you’ll see the USB-C charging port on the bottom but this is probably the biggest downfall of the case you cannot use a USB-C two USB-C charging cable, for example, I cannot charge this on my MacBook simply can’t I’ve talked to insta360 about it they said yeah that’s just the way it is so you have to use a regular USB an if you will cable to plug it into the USB-C port here it also means I can’t use a lot of other random cables I have to charge it, for example, this USB charger nothing happens doesn’t charge super big disappointment I think a super big miss every other USB-C device I have allows me to charge on USB-C.

now i do get there’s an entire underbelly   of usb-c pd and usb-c to usb-c specs and all that kind of stuff that has lots of complications now   the bright set you can go ahead and use it as a bit of a selfie stick so holding up like this   so you can see the camera more easily now the final downside of this whole situation right here   is that despite the fact that it offers a red light you just kind of can barely see it right   there once i go over here for recording mode it only uses this white light so i thought the   rest of the world kind of standard on red for recording like three or four decades ago so the   white for recording just keeps throwing me off especially since it’s pulsing white for recording   and static light for not recording anyways speaking of blinking things if you’re finding   this video useful or interesting or something like that simply go ahead and whack that like   button the bottom there it really helps with the video of the channel quite a bit next up on the   list is the quality and stabilization options so what resolutions do you got and this thing has   basically 1440p and 1080p at 50 frames per second and at 30 frames per second across the board but   then within that it’s got three different modes first off it has a basic quality mode which means   that has minimal stabilization by minimal it’s pretty much junk and then it has a pro   mode which allows you to apply the stabilization afterwards in post-production stabilization there   is beautiful no problems at all there and then it has an hdr mode and then beyond that it also has   a slow-mo mode which is 120 frames per second at 1080p so pretty much kind of like run-of-the-mill   resolutions for a budget action camera but not really resolutions appropriate for three hardware   action camera most other options that are 300 bucks can do 4k easily still despite that having   4k the image quality is pretty good in addition beyond that it has a time-lapse mode as well as a   hyperlapse mode and hyperlapse they call that time shift though but it’s effectively the same thing.

the hyperlapse mode automatically adjusts to the speed of the action uh and in my testing   it did that fairly well in fact in the desktop app itself you can see the different uh speed   changes at the bottom there which is kind of cool based on my speed and how fast i’m cycling in this   particular case uh you can also even change the perspective so you can go between wide and narrow   in action and linear for example all things you cannot do on a gopro after the fact that would be   super cool and i love the fact that i can do that here just to change that perspective slightly now   all this goes into a 32 gig internal sd card that you cannot change so this has 32 gigs of storage   on it and it’s in there that’s been mostly good except for one problem if you use basic mode that   means that you’ve got plenty of storage because the files aren’t that big but in pro mode which is   what you’re going to want to use for stabilization purposes it’s roughly one minute equals one gig   see you’ve got 30 minutes of potential storage on this and if you don’t have pro mode your   stabilization is crap.   i do love number one i think the case is great i like the idea of it i wish it was waterproof but   i like the fact that i can pop it in there and act like a little airpods charging case fits my   pocket way better than a gopro does i’m on board with this case concept with some minor tweaks uh   number two the quality is good like i don’t really have any issues with the quality of the footage   even being 1440p like it’s fine people haven’t noticed on my instagram feed and whatnot it looks   great there so that’s good the same is true for stability stability is by and large pretty good   especially with flow state enabled again when you have flow state enabled in pro mode i am totally   on board with that as well also i think the features for things like hyperlapse and stuff like   that that’s all good for this camera price point that’s good there just need higher resolutions   and if the last item i do appreciate that in the box they included these mounts over here   though i would argue i’d rather have this mount over here the gopro one than those i don’t   really think most people are going to use this pendant one i think that’s like a marketing thing   uh and i think this one is cool this kind of pivot mount could be in a lot of ways it duplicates   this so it’s there are some yes unique aspects of it but not that many in the grand scheme of   things okay so there you go a complete look at the insta360 go to like i said a camera with a lot of   promise but also a lot of marking that doesn’t quite live up to what i think it’s trying to hit   at this price point.

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