In this city of Gujarat, liquor dens were turned into ‘bars’

Mehsana : Special seating arrangements have been made at foreign liquor dens on the city’s TB Road to allow alcoholics to drink alcohol in peace and safety. It is learned that bootleggers have set up soda water as well as baiting for alcoholics here. So that alcohol ban in Gujarat is proving to be only on paper!

Facilities like bars now in foreign liquor dens!

According to media reports, special facilities like bars have now been set up in the bustling foreign liquor dens in some parts of the city as if the bootleggers have been exempted from the Diwali festivities. The city has witnessed a spate of foreign liquor offenses in the last one and a half years, with police seizing liquor worth over Rs 25 lakh. Besides, A division police seized liquor worth Rs 8 lakh and B division police seized 18.71 lakh worth of liquor.

Illegal activities of alcohol increased rather than decreased

However, the alcohol statistics in the city are the same as those seized by the police, while it is difficult to estimate the number of foreign liquors that have not been seized as well as those seized by drug addicts. It may be mentioned that after the instruction of the Home Minister, the illegal activities of foreign liquor in Mehsana are increasing instead of decreasing.

Alcohol found in a parcel at home in Surat!

According to media reports, the bootleggers’ alchemy was exposed when a parcel of liquor arrived at an unknown address in Bhatar, Surat. The address in the parse belonged to the manufacturer. The delivery boy handed over 4 parcels on November 12 in which police found 96 bottles of liquor worth Rs 1.35 lakh while his wife was investigating.