Home of the elderly: Some officer has been a businessman, but chose old age home to spend old age, so that the peace of the family of sons and daughters remains

Every human wants that his child should be his support in old age. When the body becomes weak and eyesight due to old age, the children become his crutch at that time. This is the reason why every parent brings up their children with great love. Despite this, many times children leave their parents in old age homes.

But there are some elderly people in the old age home located in Piplod of the city, who chose the old age home instead of living with the children. Most of the parents are those whose children are daughters and they want to keep them with them. But the parents chose to stay in the old age home instead of staying with them for the happiness and peace of the daughter’s family.

If someone came under compulsion, then someone chose himself
There are more than 50 aged people in Piplod old age home. There are some elders who come here due to lack of coordination with family members and due to debate, while some children have shown the way to old age home. They just come to pay their expenses every month. Many elders reached here in helplessness as they did not have any children. There are also some self-respecting elders, who have come to the old age home on their own after the children get married.

Daughters call, but do not go to their house on their own
72-year-old Navinchandra Sharif, who has been living in the old age home for the last few months, told that he used to work in a private company and is currently retired. He has four daughters. Everyone is married. The daughters want to keep him with them, but Sharif himself chose to come to the old age home. Because he didn’t want anyone to suffer because of him. There is no dispute in the daughter’s family about him, so he has come to the old age home.

Daughters do not want to live together for the happiness of the family
Kantibhai Jeanwala told that he used to work as a stenographer in a big company. He has five daughters. All are married. After marriage, all the daughters wanted to take him with them, but he did not want to be the cause of discord in any way by staying at the daughters’ house. Although Genewala told that the daughters wanted him very much, but he himself did not want to give trouble by staying with the daughter.

Sinha, who was an assistant manager, does not want to stay at his daughter’s house.
Pranlal Amritlal Sinha, who has been living in the old age home for nine months, is a retired officer. He was an assistant manager in a private company. These days he has physical problems, but he does not live with his daughter. He says that the daughter loves him but there is no discord because of him, so he does not live with the daughter. He is happy here.


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