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Cyclone Gulab, which weakened into a depression, Monday caused widespread rains in several districts of Andhra Pradesh and also left a trail of destruction with the death toll rising to two with a woman’s death. Earlier, a fisherman from Srikakulam district was killed and another was injured as the cyclonic storm Gulab crossed the Bay of Bengal coast off Kalingapatnam on Sunday.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that Cyclone Gulab has weakened into a deep depression and moved westwards with a speed of 6 kmph during last the last few hours. At 5.30 am, a cyclonic storm lay centered over south Odisha and adjoining north Andhra Pradesh, about 110 km south-southeast of Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh) and 140 km west-northwest of Kalingapatnam (Andhra Pradesh).

Cyclone Gulab began its landfall process on Sunday evening, the India Meteorological Department said. The system hit the landmass between Kalingapatanam in Andhra Pradesh and Gopalpur in Odisha. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called up Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and assured him of all support from the Centre to face the challenges posed by the cyclone.

How cyclone Gulab got its name?

 Cyclone ‘Gulab’ was named by Pakistan. The word “Gulab” refers to Rose in English. According to an official notification by the IMD, it has to be pronounced as “Gul-Aab”.

The name Gulab is from the list of cyclone names that is maintained by the World Meteorological Organisation/United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (WMO/ESCAP) Panel on Tropical Cyclones (PTC). The panel comprises 13 countries namely, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Maldives, Oman, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, who choose the names of cyclones in the region.

The names are chosen to keep in mind they are simple to use and do not carry any inflammatory meaning. As per guidelines, the name should be neutral to politics, political figures, religious beliefs, cultures, and gender.

Amphan, the cyclone that hit India in May 2020 was the last name on the list developed in 2004. With as many as eight countries, the group finalized 64 names, with each country pitching eight names. 

In 2020, Gulab, Tej, Agni, Aag, Shaheen were among the 169 names selected by these 13 countries for christening future cyclones.  Every country had given 13 names. India had proposed names such as Gati (speed), Tej (speed), Murasu (musical instrument in Tamil), Aag (fire), Neer (water), Prabhanjan, Ghurni, Ambud, Jaladhi, and Vega.

Who will name the next cyclone? What will it be called?

The next cyclone will be called ‘Shaheen’, a name proposed by Qatar.

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