Guideline problem: doing PhD in professional courses like CA, CS and CMA, but not valid for professor

After the changes made according to the rules of UGC in colleges affiliated to Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, students are being given PhD in professional courses like CA, CS and CMA, but they are not being recognized for the post of professor. Due to this the problem of the students has increased.

The students complained to the UGCC for this, but to no avail. More than 200 students study in CA every year. After completion of studies, if a student does PhD according to the guidelines of UGC, then it is valid for doctorate and not for professor. The students have demanded a change in the rules.

Students benefit from doing PhD directly in many professional courses
According to the guidelines of UGC, students doing CA, CS, CMA can also do PhD. According to the guideline made for the colleges, PhD is necessary for the professor, but it is also mandatory for the students to do PG in the relevant subject. One can do PhD directly after professional courses like CA, CS and CMA, but without PG will not be considered for professor.

Many types of problems, students do not know
Student Vishwanath Borse told that the problem is also that if a student is doing M.Com, but he has taken statics but has not done PhD from statics, then it will not be valid for professor. Many such problems are coming to the fore. Most of the students do not know these technical things.

CA has PhD in name only: Student
Vaibhav Matliwala, a CA student, told that he did his PhD after CA. It was not known that he was not eligible for the post of Professor. Now he has to do post graduation.

UGC should change the rules
Any student can do PhD after doing professional courses, but he will not be considered eligible for the post of professor. This has upset thousands of students from all over South Gujarat. UGC should change this rule, so that students can get employment. – Vijay Joshi, Former Dean, Commerce


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