Elections will be canceled in March: Announcement of elections for 3 municipalities including Gandhinagar Municipality, voting on October 3

The State Election Commission has announced the election of 3 municipalities of the state including Gandhinagar Municipality. In March, the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation elections were canceled after Corona’s cases increased. State Election Commissioner Sanjay Prasad said that the counting of votes will take place on October 5. If needed, re-polling will take place on October 4, he said. Prasad said that apart from Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, elections to Okha and Tharad municipalities would also be held on October 3.

There will also be mid-term elections to Bhanwad municipality and bye-elections on 104 vacant seats in various local bodies. The code of conduct has come into force as soon as the election is announced. Following the Corona guidelines at the polling stations, voting will be held from 7 am to 5 pm.

After the announcement of the election on March 19, the elections were canceled on April 10 due to the increase in the cases of Corona. After 118 days, the State Election Commission has announced the re-election. Last year, 3 candidates standing in the election have also died due to corona and other diseases. With the announcement of the election, the political excitement intensified.

The election schedule is as follows


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