Cryptocurrency : Top 6 Cryptocurrency Losers in the Last 24 Hours

Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Update: The global cryptocurrency market capitalisation on Wednesday, December 1, saw a sharp rise in its numbers, shrugging of fears regarding the new Omicron variant of Covid-19 that has gripped the world with fear. The global crypto market cap was standing at 2.65 trillion, data from CoinMarketCap showed. This was down up 2.02 per cent over the past 24 hours. The total crypto volume also increased significantly during the course of the last day. The volume of traded coins stood at $130.46 billion on the day. This was a 12.96 per cent increase over the last 24 hours, data from crypto tracking website CoinMarketCap showed on the day.

Top 6 Cryptocurrency Losers in the Last 24 Hours

Spice DAO: $0 – down by 100 per cent

Green Trust: $0.00000003705 – down by 94.09 per cent

CrossChainCapital: $0.0000007952 – down by 87.67 per cent

Meta Cat: $0.0000001406 – down by 87.04 per cent

ZUM TOKEN: $0.00003025 – down by 85.61 per cent

LAND OF DOGES: $0.00005942 – down by 81.48 per cent