Corona’s protection cover: 100% vaccination effort in 25 days, Municipality wants to complete the vaccination before the third wave arrives

Before the third wave arrives, the Municipal Corporation wants to vaccinate 100% of the targeted population. Various efforts are being made to speed up the vaccination process. 35 lakh 20 thousand people in the city are eligible to take the vaccine. Of these, 30 lakh people have taken the first dose. 10.50 lakh people have also taken the second dose. Municipality is making people aware in various ways to get the vaccine.

At present, an average of 50,000 people are being vaccinated every day. Of these, more than 25 thousand are being given the first dose. Now it will take about 25 days to give the first dose to the remaining 5.20 lakh people. If this rapid process continues, 100% vaccination will be done in September. 39474 vaccines were administered on Tuesday. Of these, 782 vaccines were administered in private hospitals. Three and a half lakh vaccines have been administered in the last one 7 days.

On Wednesday, the first dose of Kovishield at 70 centers from spot registration, the second dose at 57 centers, the second dose of Kovishield will be 36 centers through online appointment. There will be 8 centers for pregnant women and those above 65 years of age and 11 for Covaccine. In this way, vaccination will be done at a total of 182 centers on Wednesday.


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