Caution is necessary on the road, action against the careless: 492 licenses suspended in 8 months for talking on mobile while driving, listening to songs on headphones and drink and drive

The RTO suspended the licenses of 492 drivers in the last 8 months. Action was taken against these drivers for drinking while driving, talking on mobile, listening to songs on headphones and chatting on social media. Last year also more than 400 driving licenses were suspended. The rules have become stricter after the new Motor Vehicle Act came into force in September 2019.

Under this, if caught without a license, a fine of Rs 1500 will have to be paid. The RTO said that this strictness was taken because due to carelessness on the road, the drivers not only harm themselves, but also those who drive carefully. Sometimes life is lost due to carelessness. The traffic police and RTO have taken strict action to improve the habit of such people.

If the notice is answered, the license is suspended for only 3 months.
The RTO suspends the license for three months for the first time he is caught drinking while driving, rash driving or talking on mobile. Show cause notices are given to them. The license is suspended for only three months if the driver gives a valid reason to the RTO.
If the notice is not responded to and again caught negligent, the license is canceled forever. RTO in-charge DK Chavda said that the license is suspended for negligence. If the driver submits the license to the RTO with proper reply after the notice then there is suspension for only three months.


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