Case of converting religion in Aadhar card: From crime branch to IB in Surat, investigation is underway, Home department summons report

The state government has swung into action after the disclosure of the matter of religious conversion by breaching the Aadhaar portal in Bhaskar. In view of the seriousness of the matter, the Home Department has summoned a full report from the Surat Police. At the same time, Surat Police has also started investigating the matter. The crime branch team started investigating the matter since morning on Thursday. At the same time, the Intelligence Bureau has also started investigation at its level.

The Karvy Management Company, which has been given the responsibility of Aadhaar card in Surat, reached the office of the police for questioning. UIDAI manager Pradeep Patnaik was questioned here in Surat. Karvy company’s office is at Galaxy Circle in Adajan. Crime Branch’s NB Barot, who is investigating the matter, told that information has been sought from the manager about how many such cards have been made.

Along with this, necessary documents have also been called from all Aadhar card centers. At the same time, it is also being investigated whether the letter pads of politicians and government officials are being made by themselves to make Aadhaar cards. At present, the police say that concrete action will be taken only after gathering all the information. Here, Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar has asked the officers to investigate this whole matter seriously.

Another case came up
Pradeep Patnaik, the manager of Aadhaar Center has made another disclosure. He told that a person had changed his name from Hindu to Muslim to get a job in Kabul or Kuwait. It was revealed two days ago when the person came back to the center to become a Hindu. It has been reported to the regional office.
He told that the person who made the Aadhar card told him that his name is Saroj Pradeep Kumar but a few years back, through an agent, he had changed his name to Tausif Mohammad Khan. When he didn’t get a chance to go to Kabul or Kuwait, now he is trying to change his name back in Aadhar card to Hindu name.

The screws will be tightened on the centers, the rules may be strict
Information has been received from the sources that the Aadhar card center of the entire state has been strictly enforced. UIDAI has also been informed about the incident. The rules can be made more strict to prevent disturbances going on at the centers.

I have studied the news published in Bhaskar about changing religion in Aadhar card. Its inquiry report has been sought. Appropriate action will be taken after the report is received. Pradeep Singh Jadeja, home Minister


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