Battlegrounds PUBG mobile: How to pre-register on Google Play Store

Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India Pre-registration: The pre-registration links for Battlegrounds Mobile India, the PUBG Mobile replacement game from South Korean video game developer Krafton, are now open on Google Play Store.

Krafton has not yet confirmed the exact release date for the game, which should be soon given that pre-registration has gone live. The original game PUBG Mobile was banned in India last September along with a number of other Chinese apps.

As there’s no news about pre-registration for IOS, only android users will be able to pre-register for now. Rest assured, pre-registrations for IOS will begin soon as well. However, if you wish to access the pre-registration page ahead of its official release, we have covered a step-by-step guide for you.

Battlegrounds PUBG mobile: Step By Step Guide on how to access the Pre-registration portal on Google Play

Step 1- Open Google Play Store on your Android device and search Battlegrounds PUBG mobile India

If you can’t find the game on the play store, click on this link.

Here is the link –

Step 2- Click on “Pre-Register” button if available.

Now you pre-registered for the Battlegrounds PUBG mobile India. You will get the rewards for Pre-Registering once the game is released in India. If the version is unsupported or there’s no option for pre-registration, you have no option but to wait for the official pre-registration to begin.

Loading Error Solve: Pre-Register for Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India

If your Google Play Store is stuck on the loading screen and you’re unable to access the pre-registration page, you can follow these steps to solve this problem.

  • Step 1 – Open the app settings of the Google Play Store 
  • Step 2 – Find family option there
  • Step 3 – In the Family settings, find Parental control and turn it ‘on’.
  • Step 4 – Click on the Apps and Games option and set it to “Rated for 3+”

Now click on the link again –

The game comes with an age restriction & is only available for the 16+ age group. If you are below 18 years, you need to give the mobile number of your parent or guardian to verify your account.

PUBG Developer’s Battlegrounds Mobile India: What we know

Users who pre-register will get four rewards: the Recon Mask, the Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG, which will likely be the new currency in the game. According to Krafton, this reward is exclusively for fans of the game who pre-register.

The game is limited to India. It is a battle royale game, where multiple players will fight it out. Just like in PUBG Mobile, the last man standing will be the winner. We’re not sure if the winner gets ‘Chicken winner’ as was the case in PUBG Mobile.

According to the game’s description, “Players can battle it out in diverse game modes which can be squad-based or even one-on-one.” The game will have multiples maps with different terrains, just like PUBG Mobile. It will also be using the “full capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sound,” according to the description.

The game will get detailed monthly content updates as well. Further, the battle royale game will be released with exclusive India-specific in-game events, outfits, and features. Krafton also plans to build a dedicated esports ecosystem with a regular stream of tournaments and leagues for the game.

PUBG Developer’s Battlegrounds Mobile India: Phone requirements

The game will require a stable internet connection.

System requirements for the game are: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM memory.

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