Another problem: 1200 patients coming daily for seasonal diseases, people suffering from three types of fever, doctors are also getting sick

About 1200 patients of seasonal diseases are coming to Civil and Smeer Hospital every day. This time doctors are seeing three types of fever. Even the doctors who treat it are getting sick. Some patients of seasonal fever are getting cured in two days, some are getting relief in a week, but many patients are not getting relief even after 15 days. Doctors say that all patients are being treated asymptomatic.

Patients who do not get rest in a week, then their corona tests are also done. Although Corona is not being found. Out of 10 patients who come to the hospital, 5 are those who have to be treated for a week. 2 to 3 patients are either recovering quickly.

Some patients are not able to recover even after 15 days. Patients suffering from the disease for a long time complain that they get fever again and again. There is also chest pain, back pain and joint pain. Doesn’t like to eat However, with this, there is a complaint of cough for 15 days to a month.

It is not yet known what kind of viral fever is: Doctor
Professor Dr. Ashwin Vasava of the Department of Medicine of Civil Hospital said that he himself became ill during the treatment of a patient in the past. After that his family also became ill. Almost 15 days have passed, still no relief. Can’t say what kind of viral it is. At the same time, some patients are recovering in two to three days.

Corona patients have almost stopped coming to Smeer
Dr. Naimish Shah, Professor of Medicine Department of Smimer Hospital said that more than 300 patients of seasonal diseases are coming to the hospital every day. These include dengue, malaria and seasonal fever patients. Corona patients have almost stopped coming. This time patients of common diseases are reaching for treatment.


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