After the misdemeanor, Naradham set fire to the woman’s private part

A 17-year-old accused has been arrested in connection with the rape and murder of a woman in the Dwarka area of the capital.

The juvenile is accused of molesting and killing a woman. The woman’s private parts were later set on fire to destroy evidence of the murder. The case was followed by an interrogation of 2700 people and CCTV footage of the accused.

On November 15, Delhi Police received information that a woman’s body had fallen into the garbage near the gutter, police said. Police began investigating the incident by sending the woman’s body for postmortem. In the investigation, the police arrested the accused teenager on November 17 on charges of murder. During interrogation, the accused later told police that he had raped the woman. Fearing capture, he strangled her and set fire to her private parts to destroy the evidence.

Police did not know for a long time who the dead woman was and where she lived. After this the special team started investigating the case. Informants were also pressed into the service to identify the deceased and locate the culprits. Police also sent a photo of the victim to different WhatsApp groups. The photo also reached the victim’s family. The woman was later identified.