7 tremendous events in the history of the internet

7 tremendous events in the history of the internet: Friends, if you are an internet user, then you must remember the 7 tremendous incidents of internet history.

Because sometime in the future, these events will definitely work for you.

Trust us, after reading this article there is hardly any doubt about it in your mind. So let’s start.

1. The Birth of Spam

A threat arises in your mind as soon as you hear the name of spam. Because today there is a lot of spam through Fraud Call, through Message, and through Email.

This is the information about how to block Spam email.

We see in the daily news that millions of rupees have been lost from someone’s bank or our phones and computers get hacked. That is why people are very afraid of this name.

But do you know that the first spam in the world was done by a mail.

In the year 1978, Gary Thukar sent a message in the form of mail to hundreds of net users. In today’s time, we can also call Email-Marketing.

At that time nobody knew that this is spam. But still, people started making complaints.
But it is believed that by then, Gary Thukar had made millions of dollars for his company. But even then it was not called spam.

At that time only representatives of the net promised not to do this again to Gary Thukar.
Currently, many people also call Gary Spooker the father of Email spam. But he likes to think of himself as the father of Email-Marketing.

2. The world’s first livestream

Today when the name of Livestream comes, you get the name of people like famous You Tuber like Carryminati and Triggered Insaan.

But do you know when the world’s first livestream took place and who did it? So let’s know.

There are two main facts behind this. Many believe that the world’s first livestream was a Trojan Room coffee pot on November 22, 1993.

Apart from this, there is also a fact that in 1993, small show engineers decided to test much new technology for broadcasting live on the Internet. And this event was also successful.

A year later, The Rolling Stones used to live-streaming their work.

But an attempt to bring live streaming to the market was made by a company called Real Networks. The company was founded in 1995 by Microsoft executive Rob Glaeser.

The baseball game was broadcast live by the Real Networks Company.

YouTube then made live streaming common among people. Due to which today we can see many pro-Gemmer such as Mortal, carry, and Dynamo.

3. First dating site

Presently, you must have seen many dating sites or apps, due to which people search for their life partner.
But do you know what was the first dating site? If not, let’s know.

The world’s first dating site was created in the year 1995, named Match.com. This means that the problem of spouses goes back many years.

And today you are seeing that Tinder, Bumble, Grindr and many other dating apps have also come.

4. Music Gets Free

It is a bit strange to hear, but earlier music or music used to come only on TV. And you could not download their music without the consent of the music owner.

But a person named Napster brought about a big change in the year 1999. This allowed people to access and Shared the files.

Because of this, most of the music people started accessing their mobile without any restrictions. Around 80 million people had access at that time. And finally, businesses like Spotify and short developed.

5. A Big Change in Photoshop

Before 1990 people used to take their photos, but there was no systematic tool to edit them.
But in the year 1990, the Adobe company brought a big change in the world of photos.

He designed a perfect edit tool to edit the photo. Through which we could easily make our photo very beautiful.

It was released as a commercial version by Adobe Photoshop. And since 1990, Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used photo editing tool for people.

Photoshop Basics You can learn this easily.

6. Hotmail

Earlier, some main companies and government offices could use the email service. But the biggest change in the email world was brought by Hotmail.

In 1996, Hotmail provided the world’s first free web-based email to the general public. And Hotmail became the first company to provide free web-based email.

Even today Hotmail may not be there, but its soul is still alive in Microsoft, Outlook, Gmail.

7. DDOS attack (Distributed Denial-of-Service attack)

Trying to bring down DDOS attack in any language, any web-site, app or any online platform in the world.

Through which his ordinance could not reach that website, app or any online platform. It is also called hacking.

But do you know when, and who did the world’s first DDOS attack? Let’s know it.

In February 2000, a school student Mike (mafiaboy) was the first to have a DDOS attack. Due to which many big companies like Amazon, CNN, Yahoo, Dell and eBay were crippled and lulled.

But you will be surprised to know the purpose of this, that this attack was done only to scare the other hackers.


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