500 boats of Porbandar will not go to sea: Fishermen’s condition worsens due to rising diesel prices, 1 lakh more will be spent on a boat this year due to inflation

The fishing season has started in Porbandar. The condition of fishermen has worsened due to rising diesel prices. 500 boats will not go fishing this year due to rising diesel prices. The expenditure has increased by Rs 1 lakh this year as compared to last year due to rising inflation. This time a trip of a boat will cost Rs 4.50 lakh. The fishermen are confused about how much fish they will catch, at what price they will be sold and how much they will get.

Fearing the dangers, some fishermen have gone fishing in the sea. The fishing season starts from 1st September. This year 600 boats have sailed in the sea. Due to the increase in diesel prices, a trick of a boat this year will cost Rs 4.50 lakh. One lakh rupees more will be spent as compared to last year. The fishermen have been facing the crisis of lockdown, going to the village of Khalasis and inflation for the last two years.

Last year the price of diesel was Rs 75, which has increased to Rs 94 this year. A fisherman needs 3 to 4 thousand liters of diesel in one trip. Apart from this, about 4.50 lakh rupees are spent including ration, burt, salary of Khalasi and other expenses. It is also not decided how many fish will be caught in a trip, what the companies will give. Due to inflation, this year 30 to 40 percent i.e. 500 boats will not go fishing in the sea.

12-13 thousand will be spent on ration this year
Ration prices have also increased this year. Last year, 8 thousand rupees were spent on ration in a trip. This year 12 to 13 thousand rupees will be spent. The fishermen have to pay for diesel and ration immediately before going to sea.

VAT rebate of fishermen from March to May is pending in Porbandar. Rebate should be given before the start of the season so that the fishermen have money before the start of the new season. Apart from this, the discount on diesel has not been announced yet. There will be some relief to the fishermen by getting the discount. With this, fishermen can save more than 12 thousand in one trip.
Mukeshbhai Panjri, President, Boat Association, Porbandar


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