5 Proven Eye Health Tips for Preventing Vision Loss

The health tips that are proven in the literature that actually show benefits for eye health and preventing future eye disease – tip number five coming in at the bottom of the list is really to watch your cholesterol levels and to decrease your saturated fat intake isn’t really big medical news that hearing a highly elevated level amount of cholesterol and saturated fat within the diet isn’t good for you but it certainly not good for the eyes either some studies suggest having elevated amounts of cholesterol and eating high amounts of saturated fats actually contribute to the development of age-related eye diseases. not only are other diseases like diabetic retinopathy which can cause blindness hypertensive retinopathy from high blood pressure that can hurt the attention also as actual cholesterol plaques that get released from this cholesterol getting stuck in your arteries can actually get all the way up to the eye and cause a stroke within the eye that we call aHollenhorst plaque.

That means decreasing the quantity of foods in your diet that haveelevated amounts of bad fats like nutriment or processed meats includinghigh-fat dairy products like milk butter and cheese couldn’t just bebeneficial for your whole body and heart health but also for the eyes thisis actually compounded again by having a decreased body mass index so getting outexercising watching you eat is associated again with less eye healthissues we’re tip number five is to decrease the bad fats in your diet tipfor is to increase the good fats in your diet namely omega-3 fatty acids in caseyou haven’t heard omega-3 fatty acids are considered the great fats that wefind in some natural food sources such as oily fish like salmon as well as fromsome vegetable sources including nuts and seedsthere’s even an algae based supplement that I’ve found that you can actually take as an alternative to taking animal oil capsules as a supplement.

Now there’sa batch of omega-3 debates on how omega-3 fish oils could help with hearthealth or joint health or maybe neurological brain health there are alot of documented studies that show support that omega-3 fatty acids canhelp with dry eye symptoms also as preventing retinal disease what’s really interesting is that research studies have consistently shown that people whoeat a diet with higher amounts of omega-3s in them have decreased risk ofdeveloping age-related eye diseases such as that macular degeneration as well aspeople with diabetes in fact a recent study found that people who had omega-3shigher than their diet and diabetes not only developed diabetic retinopathy lessbut people who did develop it it wasn’t as severe and other people who neededtreatment for it responded better to the treatment that’s some amazing supportfor having omega-3s in your diet and albeit you are not diabetic there’s alot of evidence supporting that omega-3s are good for your eyes and your wholebody also tip number three is to eat more foods with high levels ofantioxidants in them that’s namely fruits and vegetables the high levels ofpowerful antioxidants that are found in foods like fruits and vegetables oftencontain high amounts of vitamin C vitamin Ezinc zeaxanthin.

I still think it’s a good option for those that maybe are concerned or have a higher risk for retinal or disease but I do also want to mention if you’re considering taking some sort of vitamin supplement confirm you ask a medical professional in your area to form sure that it’s right for you now my number-one tip for improving eye health to preventing eye disease is something that I know a lot of people are not going to like to hear and that is to quit smoking and that is because cigarette smoking and tobacco use, in general, is associated with higher risk factors of developing eye diseases such as macular degeneration again a blinding eye disease that people get in their 50s

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