Smartphone will be charged by voice! Xiaomi filed a patent for a new technology

Xiaomi recently told about the Mi Air Charge technology being developed by the company, through which a device placed anywhere in a small area will be automatically charged. Now, a new news has surfaced, in which it has been revealed that the company is reportedly working on a new charging technology, which will be able to charge a smartphone or other electronic device through sound. The information about this technology came to the fore when a picture of a sound charging patent filed by Xiaomi with the National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) of China came in the hands of a publication.

Mysmartprice in its report has shared a picture of a patent filed by Xiaomi in CNIPA, which shows that the company is working on a new sound charging technology, through which a smartphone or any other device can be charged through voice. . The company is developing an energy storage device and an electronic device that will collect and convert sound from environmental vibrations to mechanical vibrations. After this, a device will be given to the user to convert this mechanical device into electric current. This device will convert AC current into DC current. What is surprising is that the company is claiming that the power socket will not be used in this process, which is somewhat like Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology.


Photo Credit: CNIPA Patent (via MySmartPrice)

The recently announced Mi Air Charge technology by Xiaomi also allows users to charge the phone or device over the air while using the phone or device at home or in a small area. It would have to have a transmitter being developed by the company in that area. This transmitter looks like an air purifier, which people can place in any corner of their house. It can charge multiple devices at the same time. Interestingly, you don’t have to keep your device on top of a pad, but you can charge it while you are in any corner of your house or while using the device. According to Xiaomi, the transmitter can charge the phone with 5W output.

There may also be a new technology from a similar company, which will be able to charge your smartphone or any other device through sound. This would mean that the user would not have to put it on a special charging pad, but it might just charge the device in your pocket or hand.

Xiaomi is focusing heavily on charging technology, an example of which is the 200W Hypercharge technology recently introduced by the company. The company claims that this technology will be able to charge the 4,000mAh capacity battery from zero to 100 percent in just 8 minutes.


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