How To Make Money Online In India 2020

1) Become a Freelancer

If you are a good programmer, designer or marketer then you can find a lot of paid online jobs in India. You just need to be patient and willing to learn more.

You need to have two skills to become a good freelancer. One is your core skill, and the second skill is marketing. If you are not a good marketer, then seek help from an experienced marketer to make your profile. You have to have excellent communication skills to get clients.

2) Learn Stock Market Trading

You don’t need any money to start a freelance work but you would need a little money to start your career as a stock trader.

You can earn money online by doing stock trading if you know how to pick the right stock. You need a Demat & Trading account to start trading.

Discount brokers are best for intraday trading as they charge fix brokerage up to Rs 20/trade irrespective of trade volume. You can check the reviews of 3 discount brokers 5paisa review, Upstox review and Zerodha review.

3) Earn Online Money from YouTube

You do not know the people on Youtube make millions. Again, not an easy choice, but very much doable for someone who can film & upload videos on a specific subject.

Two kinds of people can create popular YouTube channels, one that creates funny and amusing videos, the other that can make extremely useful videos (like teachers, moms, housewives, computer geeks) for a niche audience.