How to learn English: 5 Best way to learn English

If you are now starting to learn Shakespeare, you probably don’t know where to start. Immediately download the memo file in PDF format.

“The 3 Best Methods of English Language”
Enter your email address here. You have succeeded here!. In fact, there are many ways to learn English and you may not be able to find your way. In this article, I show you what are the 3 best ways to learn English that you can use right now.

You will discover:
How to learn English easily with serials.
What are the best programs and applications to improve in the English language?
The way forward thanks to podcasts and videos.
Bonus: Use MOOCs to learn English for free.
Bonus: How to quickly learn English through immersion.

Method 1: Learn English by Watching TV Shows
Learn English with a Series. I have told you over and over (over and over), learning English by series is really effective
You will progress quickly while having fun. (TV shows helped me a lot in learning English, I still watch one episode a day)
Why learn English with soap operas?
There are many reasons why you should study English while watching your favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory (picked at random):
First of all, indulge yourself when you watch a series, it’s time to rest now. You will assimilate the English naturally without much effort!
Then, by watching the series, you listen to everyday English. Thus you will learn to speak like a real American / English by learning common expressions and vocabulary.
Finally, when you watch an episode, you are listening in English. So your ear will start to distinguish between the sounds of the English language and you will make fewer pronunciation errors. This is very important because English is a language that cannot be pronounced as you write!
How to learn English while watching series?
To learn English with a series…. You must have a series to watch … I admit it makes sense! Here you’ll find the 30 best series for learning English.
Oral Understanding
To do this, you can go to a media library/library, and you can rent or buy it (or ask those around you if they have this or that series).
Once this is done, you will have to start watching the episodes. Here’s how I did it:
For the first two weeks, I advise you to watch the episodes in English audio and with French subtitles. You will learn a lot of vocabulary and your ear will begin to get used to the sounds of the English language. Focus primarily on the voice of the actors so that your ears get used to it.
Then, for about 3 weeks, you will watch your favorite series with English subtitles and audio. You will make a lot of progress because you will be in a 100% English atmosphere. You will not understand everything and this is to be expected. When learning a language, it is impossible to learn all the vocabulary at once. We all have a habit of wanting things to be perfect, but in learning a language it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes (mistakes will help you a lot).
Finally, you won’t use subtitles anymore. This is a very important stage because you will have to evolve to understand what the actors are saying and it will be done with the help of … your ears! You will distinguish the words better and better and learn to pronounce them at the same time.
Before you start watching the series, you still need to learn some vocabulary. It will help you to understand the general meaning of sentences.

Method 2: Applications and software to learn English You
usually have a computer, iPhone, or Android smartphone. To learn English, you can use these great technological tools that will help you advance quickly in the English language.

Application # 1: Preply
Language Courses on Preply
Personalized support can be a great advantage in learning a new language.
With Preply, it’s very easy.
Preply is a platform where you can take English language lessons with an experienced tutor.
You choose a teacher. You set the ideal date for your custom cycle. And start in the first lesson!
You will find teachers for English, but also various other languages and even other subjects such as mathematics or biology.
What I like about Preply is the money-back guarantee. One-to-one lessons can be pricey and on Preply you can make sure you get the quality for the price you pay, otherwise, you will get a refund.

App # 2: Lingvist
Lingvist is a modern app based on a highly effective system for learning and memorizing English vocabulary.
What I really love about Lingvist is its innovation.
Using AI can improve your vocabulary learning impressively.
The app will test your level and evolve during your learning sessions to allow you to study effectively.
This is the app that adapts to you, not the other way around!

App # 3: Mosalingua
I highly recommend Mosalingua (I love it!). Thanks to this app, I learned more than 3500 words in English and I’m still reviewing them today.
Mosalingua uses a spaced repetition system to have you review the vocabulary you have already learned at the right time.
With this system, you will memorize words easier and longer.

App # 4: Duolingo
You have also used Duolingo, which is a free app, that will help you make great strides in Shakespeare’s language.
There are a variety of exercises that will help you learn vocabulary and grammar, and there are also listening and speaking exercises.
With Duolingo, you can start making good progress as the app covers a lot of the basics that you need. Progress is fairly quick and straightforward.

Other apps and software Other
than that, you can use other popular apps like Babbel or Busuu. Some love them, and some just don’t understand how to learn English effectively with them.

I also picked for you the 2 best programs (all tested) which, in my opinion, will allow you to develop quickly and easily.

Assimil: a popular method in France I will tell you more about it here.
Rosetta Stone: This program is very well known in the USA. I find it a very useful tool to enter the world of learning English. The two strengths of this program are:
total immersion (no content in French) the
possibility of being able to train its pronunciation.

Method 3: Learn English with Podcasts and Videos
Just like with TV shows and apps, you can also learn English through podcasts and videos. You will be able to find thousands of videos on YouTube and there are also tons of podcasts available on the internet!

You can choose two different podcast and video options:

The first is to watch content that talks about learning English.
The second option is to watch English videos on various topics of interest to you.
If you prefer watching videos to learn English, I recommend these two channels: Rachel’s English and EnglishLessons4U.

Podcasts, You’ll Find A Lot… On my part, listen to these:

English Speaking,
Voice of America and Grammar Girl.
You can find other podcasts here.

You can also watch TED videos, this is great content for learning a lot of things and improving your English at the same time. Now that you know how to learn English by watching TV shows, using apps, and watching videos and podcasts, there’s only one thing left: practice!

How to use podcasts and videos to apply?
To get better at English through podcasts and videos, you only need to organize yourself and have goodwill. I will not dwell on this, but rather I will give you a concrete example.

In the morning, listen in your car or on public transport to a podcast instead of the radio.
During a break, in the afternoon, in the evening, … Watch a short video or two (either a lesson or videos of interest).
When doing an activity like cleaning, jogging, etc. Plugin your headphones and play a podcast.
The principle is simple: try to be in contact with Shakespeare’s language more often. By following these tips, you will start speaking English very quickly and with much more ease than most French speakers.

Method 4: Use MOOCs to Learn English for Free
MOOC stands for “Massive Open Online Course”. In the French language, it is about “the online course open to all”.

What is the principle?

The goal of MOOC is to offer you a lot of different topics that you can learn for free

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