How to Hatch Eggs in Adopt Me

The main goal in Adopt Me is to collect pets, and one of the most exciting ways to do it is to hatch eggs. Numerous types of eggs are available, including starter, royal, Christmas, and golden. The more expensive they are, the higher your chance of acquiring rare pets. As you hatch more and more eggs, your animal collection can become most impressive.

How to Hatch Eggs in Adopt Me

In this entry, we’ll give you an in-depth guide on hatching eggs in Adopt Me and give you some tips on acquiring unique eggs like the Mythic Egg and the Ocean Egg. Read on to find out more about growing your menagerie in Adopt Me.

How to Hatch Eggs in Adopt Me

Most Adopt Me pets are obtainable through eggs, with three notable exceptions. Some pets can only be purchased with Robux, whereas others require event currency or specific items (e.g., boxes). In addition, some eggs, like Farm Egg, are available for a certain amount of time, although you can get them through trading once they disappear.

The bulk of the work of hatching an egg comes down to completing specific objectives. But before you reach this stage, you’ll need to perform a couple of actions:

Equip the Desired Egg

The first step is to bring out the egg that will be hatched. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Access your backpack by clicking the symbol in the lower part of the display.
  2. Navigate to the “Pets” section and select the egg you wish to hatch.
  3. Click the egg to bring it out of your inventory.

Make Your Way to Adoption Island

When you start your game, you’ll initially spawn at your home. However, this location doesn’t contain any chores, which is why you’ll need to relocate to Adoption Island:

  1. Leave your home and find the sign saying “Tunnel to Adoption Island.”
  2. Locate a massive tunnel with blue arrows showing the direction you should follow.
  3. Stay on the road until you reach the island. After a few minutes, the game should start sending you objectives in the upper portion of your screen.

Complete Objectives

The missions you’ll need to fulfill will show up at the top of your display. Each requires you to perform an activity with the egg.

Blue chores are a faster option, giving you a small amount of money and experience necessary to hatch your egg. Tap the icon of one of these objectives, and the game will direct you where you should go. Here’s a brief list of these chores and how you’re supposed to achieve them:

  • Hungry – Take your pet to a school and feed it in the nursery zone. Alternatively, give them some food from your backpack. Another great option is to collect apples from the teacher’s desk and feed the egg on the fly.
  • Dirty – Put your egg in a shower or bathtub. You can purchase either item at your home. Another possibility is to go to someone else’s place and use their shower or tub. Many players leave the door open, allowing you to wash your egg at nearly every corner.
  • Thirsty – Another activity you can perform at a school is to give your egg some water if they’re thirsty. To quench their thirst on the go, buy some drinks from a coffee shop or purchase lemonade from a lemonade stand. This refreshing drink usually goes for $1, but the cost varies depending on the stand’s owner.
  • Sleepy – Take the egg to any available sleeping site, such as a school or campsite.

On the other side of the spectrum, you can also go for orange objectives. These are more lucrative and provide more experience, so be sure to fulfill them whenever available. Like blue chores, orange tasks will tell you where you need to travel to complete them. Here are the most common orange duties and their requirements:

  • Bored – Visit the Playground or play the piano in your house.
  • Camping – Spend some time at a campsite.
  • Hot Spring/Pool Party – Go to the pool and take a dip.
  • School – Visit a school for some learning. This objective can be combined with several blue ones.
  • Sick – There are multiple ways to cure the egg’s sickness at the Hospital. You can either talk to Doctor Heart in the right wing, consume Healing Apples in the left wing, or sit on the blue cot.

Hatch Your Egg

After completing enough chores to fill the egg’s experience bar, your egg should hatch automatically. Afterward, you should take care of your pet and teach it new tricks. Depending on their age, your pet can perform all sorts of tricks:

  • Junior – play dead and lie down
  • Pre-teen – beg, scared, stay, joy, and bounce
  • Teen – handstand, erode, joyful, dance 1, and roll over
  • Post-teen – side-flip, backflip, twirl around, dive, sit still, dance 2
  • Full-grown – dance, frost breath, shadow breath, think, triple flip

Additional FAQs

How to Get the Ocean Egg?

The Ocean Egg is a legendary item that can be obtained at the Nursery:

1. Go to Adoption Island.

2. Find the Nursery.

3. Approach the Gumball Machine.

4. Select the Ocean Egg and buy it for $750. You can purchase as many as you like.

Apart from common pets (e.g., the Stingray), the Ocean Egg can also hold rare species, including the Seahorse and the Narwhal. You can also get a legendary pet, such as the Shark or Octopus, if you’re especially lucky.

How to Get the Golden Egg?

The Golden Egg is another legendary Adopt Me egg. The only way you can obtain it is to earn it as a Star Reward by logging in every day. Once you’ve collected 660 stars (logged in for 180 days straight), the egg will be automatically added to your inventory. You can also acquire it through trading.

The Golden Egg is guaranteed to contain a legendary animal. Each egg comes with three possible pets: The Griffin, the Dragon, and the Unicorn.

How to Get the Mythic Egg?

The Mythic Egg is also one of the most coveted items in Adopt Me. Fortunately, it’s not hard to come by. If trading isn’t your thing, you can buy the egg for $750 at the Gumball Machine in the Nursery.

Once you’ve hatched a Mythic Egg, you can get a myriad of fascinating pets. The list includes the Wolpertinger, Kirin, Merhorse, Sasquatch, Hydra, Wyvern, Phoenix, and Goldhorn.

A Trusted Companion at Your Fingertips

Hatching eggs is an indispensable part of Adopt Me. After you’ve taken proper care of your eggs, they will deliver a cute pet that will reinvigorate your house and add much-needed warmth. So, start collecting all the unique types and a bunch of fascinating animals at your fingertips.

How many eggs have you hatched in Adopt Me? What species have they introduced to your home? What’s your favorite Adopt Me egg? Tell us in the comments section below.

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