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Persona 5 has a lot going on since it doesn’t finish with a linear ending due to its choice-based nature. Hence, there are multiple endings to explore. For starters, you can get a bad ending by not agreeing with Igor’s contract at the beginning. So, it’s easy to appreciate that getting bad endings is easier.

How to Get True Ending in Persona 5

If you’re tired of running into the bad ending brick wall, this guide is for you. We will show you how to avoid bad endings and get the true one for P5 and P5 Royal, regardless of platform.

How to Get True Ending No Spoilers in Persona 5

To achieve the true ending, you need to finish all dungeons and navigate carefully during critical points in the storyline.

Before getting into true endings, though, it’s necessary to know about bad endings and how to avoid them. Though the deadlines and choices you make in Persona 5 shape the outcome, you can easily avoid bad endings with a bit of know-how.

Some deadlines and Rank requirements can vary a little between Persona 5 and Persona Royal. Therefore, if you finish all requirements with some room to spare, you may avoid the risk of a bad ending. Luckily, even if you end up with a bad ending, the game will revert a week, giving you, another shot at correcting any short-term mistakes.

Check out the following spoiler-free points to make your way to the truth:

Don’t Miss the Palace Deadlines

Finish stealing treasures from every palace before the given deadline. If you don’t, this will permanently lock the endings.

Kasumi Yoshizawa’s Confidant Rank

Though optional, you should get Kasumi’s Confidant Rank up to get a better context for the ending. She’s easy to level up, but you should see her whenever she’s available. Approach her to start a conversation for hanging out.

You can boost her leveling process by equipping her “Faith” arcana while interacting with her. Her usual hangout spots are at school after class and at Kichijoji.

It’s also possible to get into a romantic relationship with her, which boosts this process. It’s a good idea to level her up to Rank 4 or 5 minimum before Dec. 22. If you don’t, her Rank won’t go up from Rank 4 after Dec. 22.

Takuto Maruki – Unlocking the Third Semester

Get Takuto’s Confidant Rank to 9 before Nov. 17. It unlocks the third semester of the academic year, allowing you access further in the game. You can meet Takuto in the school building on a Monday and Friday after May 13.

After Nov. 17, his last Rank will unlock automatically with the story. Hang out with Takuto while you equip his arcana to get extra points.

Sae Nijima’s Interrogation – Selling Out Your Allies in November

Sae will interrogate Joker on Nov. 20. It’s crucial to give the correct answer here, including not selling out your friends or giving in for a light sentence. Goro Akechi is an exception to this since snitching about him won’t change anything.

Specifically, the correct interrogation answers are as follows:

  • “Never heard of them.”
  • “No.”
  • “There were no such people.”

You can answer as you like about Goro as it won’t affect the true ending.

Rejecting Igor’s Proposal

During the end game, you can accept Igor’s proposal to achieve a good ending. But since this good ending isn’t the true ending, you must reject his proposal to open your path towards the true one. After dealing with Igor, you will go to the Holy Grail, where you must beat a boss. You will finally unlock the true ending after defeating the boss.

Goro Akechi – A Persona 5 Royal Requirement

Persona 5 Royal requires you to reach Goro’s Confidant Rank 8 before Nov. 17 for the complete experience. Doing this will unlock the second variant of the true ending in P5 Royal, which mainly differentiates itself thanks to some additional scenes.

To speed up Goro’s Rank level, you can equip the “Justice” arcana. You will find Goro at the darts and billiards game bar and in Kichijoji on a Wednesday and Saturday. To level him up to Rank 3, you must increase your Knowledge and Charm to level 3, while Rank 7 requires a level 4 knowledge after Nov. 2.

A Re-Cap to the True Ending

Here is a summary of the previous key points:

Additional Details to Avoid Bad Endings

  • Accept Igor’s contract at the beginning of the game to avoid a bad ending.
  • Respond correctly during story flashbacks to avoid another bad ending.
  • When facing Okumura, don’t let him escape to avoid a bad ending.
  • On Sept. 1 and Feb. 2, you’ll come across the clear choices that you must avoid picking to get the true ending.

Looking for the Truth Pays Off

Ranking up Confidants and making your way to the third semester is essential to keep playing, but it’s not the final key that completes the puzzle. You can even get the non-desired endings during the third semester on Sept. 1 and Feb. 2. This shouldn’t be a problem as the correct choices will be as plain as a pikestaff to you.

Even if you are a completionist and will be playing every ending, you may want to prioritize getting the true ending during your first playthrough. Even as a completionist, you don’t need multiple playthroughs to get all the endings since a bad ending will take you back a week. You can also play the different endings by saving your game at critical points to go back and play again once you get the outcome you want.

So Phantom Thief, what Persona 5 ending did you first get? Did any non-canon ending attract your attention? Let us know in the comment section below.

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