How to Get a Free Smartphone from the Government?

Get a Free Smartphone from the Government

Americans aged 25 to 64 years spend a mean of $114 per month on cellphone services. increase this, the value of an honest cellphone can range between $50 to $500 or maybe more, depending upon the make and features.

Unfortunately, some 10.5 percent of folks citizens are below the poverty level. Meaning, most of them can’t afford to buy smartphone services, including buying even the most cost-effective device.

And we’re all aware that cellphones are some things essential nowadays. Without one, we can’t perform several tasks like communicating with people, getting help in emergencies, or maybe shopping online for essentials.

At an equivalent time, there’s some excellent news too. The federal provides free cellphones to certain categories of individuals under the Lifeline Assistance Program of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Understanding Lifeline Program

The Lifeline Assistance Program covers Americans that an income that’s 135 percent below the Federal poverty level. Additionally, it also covers senior citizens and physically challenged persons that meet specific requirements of the govt. To qualify for a free telephone, your loved one you ought to be participating in any of those government programs.

  • Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) or erstwhile Food Stamps Program.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Medicaid
  • Federal housing project Assistance.
  • Veterans Pension & Survivors Benefit.
  • Tribal Programs (for persons living on tribal lands that’s Federally recognized)

To provide free cellphones, the govt has tie-ups with various mobile service providers across the USA. Under these tie-ups, you’ll get a cellphone device and limited mobile services including mobile Internet, absolutely freed from cost.

The type of device and operator depends upon the state you reside in. That’s because various mobile operators are partnering with different states for the Lifeline Assistance Program with the federal.

Hence, the selection of kits and plans would be somewhat limited, counting on where you reside. In some cases, you would possibly need to pay a little amount of cash for the mobile device.

Why the Government Gives Free Smartphones?

You might wonder why the federal actually gives free cell phones. There’re several reasons actually.

  • Communications: This is often the foremost basic need of all humans. Hence, the govt provides free cellphones with limited free call time and Internet connectivity to assist you to stay in-tuned with family and friends. By December 2021, users of the Lifeline Assistance Program would get 1,000 free call minutes monthly.
  • Bridging Digital Divide: About 21 million people in America don’t have an online connection, mainly thanks to poverty and costs, finds a report by Pew Research. This causes the underprivileged sections of society to lag in everything from education to financial empowerment.
  • Employment Opportunities: Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to urge employment unless you’ll provide a contact number- preferably a cellphone number- to an employer. Obviously, no employer can call you for an interview or reach you unless you’ve got a working contact number. That’s another objective of the Lifeline Assistance Program: to assist the unemployed and other people below the poverty level to seek out gainful work.
  • Healthcare: Seniors and physically challenged persons can find it difficult to involve medical assistance in cases of emergency. Therefore, Lifeline Assistance Program aims at helping the elderly and physically disadvantaged to avail quick healthcare services by calling for medical help.
  • Suicide Prevention: this is often another major objective that Lifeline Assistance Program aims to realize. People facing mental or emotional disturbances thanks to any or financial reason can call suicide prevention helplines and obtain assistance. this will save the valuable lives of individuals that might rather be killed or suffer other consequences of attempting suicide.
  • Security & Emergency: Seniors and economically weaker sections of society are particularly susceptible to crime. In fact, the American Association of retiree notes, crimes and physical abuse against seniors has risen by over 75 percent over a previous couple of years. A cellphone helps such persons to call 911 for police assistance if the necessity arises.

You can get just one free cellphone under the Lifeline Assistance Program, consistent with rules that are prevailing in early 2021, at the time of scripting this article. However, in some instances, a household can get quite one free cellphone, if other members qualify.

Applying for Free Cellphone from Government

Actually, there’re three main ways to apply for a free cellphone from the government. However, check whether you qualify for a free cellphone before applying. And if you do, use any of these ways to apply for one.

Apply Online

The simplest thanks to getting a free cellphone from the govt are to use it online. Click on this link and choose the state where you reside. the web site will then ask you surely details like your income and other criteria that qualify you for a Lifeline Assistance Program cellphone

By Mail Application

It’s also possible to use a Lifeline Assistance Program cellphone by sending mailing your application. Forms to use for a free cellphone are often downloaded here. These forms are available in English and Spanish. You’ll need to submit them with proof of income and other relevant details to prove that you simply qualify for the free cellphone.

Applying Directly to Mobile Companies

The third and faster way is applying to mobile companies that’re partners of the Lifeline Assistance Program. To do so, click here to seek out which mobile companies are offering free cellphones in your area.

You’ll need to submit your postcode and state where you reside . the web site will display operators near you for applying directly.

Here it’s worth remembering that every operator features a different set of rules for offering a cellphone under the Lifeline Assistance Program. While some charge a little one-off fee for a handset, others have a minimum subscription cost. Others offer it totally free.

Verification of Documents for Free Cellphone

Before rushing to use for a free cellphone, here’s something extremely important. All documents that you simply submit that you qualify for a free cellphone are independently verified by service providers and other agencies.

Therefore, never falsify documents or make fake claims. Providing false information can disqualify you from getting the free cellphone or maybe land you in legal trouble. At an equivalent time, you’ll apply for a free cellphone from the govt within the name of any member of your household that qualifies.

Just in case you don’t qualify for a free cellphone, there’s nothing to worry about. A lot of mobile operators across the US have very economically priced mobile service packages with limited features. These are available for as low as $6 per month, from some operators. In such cases, you can also opt for plans that cost a bit more, if you require more services such as higher free talk time and more Internet data on your mobile.

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