How to Easily Introduce Yourself in English?

In English-speaking countries, you don’t just say hello when you meet someone.
In this English vocabulary lesson, I show you everything you need to know to introduce yourself in English.
Contrary to French customs, introduce yourself in English, specifying your name and occupation. You might have noticed this in English soap operas or movies that you watch, right?
In this article, you’ll find all the elements you need to give a complete presentation of yourself and the right questions to ask.

1. Introduce yourself in English: Hello!
To say hello, we usually say “hello” or “hi” but this is more familiar.

Depending on the time of the day, you might say:

good morning: morning
good afternoon: afternoon
good evening: evening
good night: night
These are also ways to say goodbye when you leave someone.

2. Introduce yourself in English: How are you?
Once you say hello, you should ask the other person how they are doing, as this is a matter of basic literature in the English language.

There are several ways to give a presentation:
How are you? I’m fine, thank you. And you?
how are you? I’m good thanks. And you? Nice to meet you/it’s a pleasure to meet you. How do you do?
It’s not really a question, but a very polite way of saying “Hey, how are you?” In this case, you should answer the same thing: “How do you do?”

3. Introduce yourself in English: What’s your name?
To give your identity, you can also use different formulas:
I’m Neil Armstrong.
I’m Neil Armstrong.
My name is Steven Spielberg.
My name is Steven Spielberg.
My first name is Brad and my surname is Pit
My first name is Brad and my surname is Pete.
The question you should be asking to get this answer is:
What’s your name?
If you need to specify this, say:
If you’re a man: I’m a man
If you’re a female: I’m a woman
If you’re a teenager: I’m a teenager

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