How To : Change YouTube Channel Name

Creators will change their channel name without having to change their entire Google account on YouTube: Here’s how to go about it.

Previously, if a YouTube creator wished to alter their YouTube channel’s name or symbol, they had to do so for their entire Google account. It’s simple for creators to update their channels because they have the right to change their name and profile picture just for YouTube.

The one disadvantage of this new versatility is that if a developer makes modifications to their account, they will lose their authentication badge (if they have one) and will have to reapply for it.
If you’re not sure how to do it, here are the steps to take:

On your mobile device.

  1. Launch the YouTube app.

2.Select your profile photo.

  1. Choose your channel.

4.Select the Edit channel.

5.Modify your name or profile photo.

6.Press the save button.

On desktop

  1. Launch YouTube Studio.
  2. Choose Customization from the left-hand side.
  3. Choose Basic Information.
  4. To edit, click the pencil button.
  5. Modify your name or profile photo.
  6. Press the Publish button.

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