Pushpa The Rise Review : Download Full Movie In Hindi

Pushpa The Rise Review : Download Full Movie In Hindi : Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna’s latest flick Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1is a complete package of story, romance, comedy, mass scenes and good direction. Sukumar has hit the right chords with the backdrop of the movie and the tone of the film. Allu Arjun clearly shoulders the movie throughout with his acting and dialogue delivery. His transformation for the role is surely commendable and his efforts do pay off in the film.

There are some typical Allu Arjun scenes thrown here and there in the film and is a sheer joy for his fans to watch the ‘Icon’ star to walk and perform his action in slow motion with the right amount of massy elements added to the scenes.

Rashmika somewhere meets the expectations, too. She delivers what is needed of her and even performs well in the “de-glam” look. Her character, Srivalli, brings the much-needed light-hearted scenes on screen and compliments Allu Arjun in the right way.

Pushpa The Rise Review : Download Full Movie In Hindi

About the action sequences, if Rohit Shetty can make cars fly, Sukumar has taken things a notch above and we’ve trucks flying in slow motion sequences. Leaving aside the exaggeration, Allu Arjun yet again has impressed as always with his action sequences in this film. His action sequences with power-packed performances and punch lines surely call for some wild reactions from the audience. And the audience just cannot stay calm when that happens on the big screen.

The story and the narration is a little fast paced and could have been slowed down, but it is understandable as the film is already a lengthy watch. The second half of the movie sees the narrative escalate to showcase the bigger picture of the smuggling industry and is filled with action-packed sequences. However, what lacks is how the smugglers avoid or con the police, which is the usual basic expectation when it comes to such movies.