Kendall Jenner’s Near Wardrobe Malfunction

After enjoying a splish-splash day out with her super famous family in Palm Springs, Kendall Jenner was recently clicked by the paparazzi on her latest outing in Los Angeles and almost avoided a wardrobe malfunction.

On Instagram, pictures from Kendall Jenner’s recent outing have flooded the internet. In the pictures, Kendall is clicked by the paparazzi in LA as soon as he heads out of a restaurant for her car. While moving towards her car, Kendall is spotted covering her tiny white crop to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

While Kendall is dressed in a pair of white pants and a tiny white crop top, even after holding a hand on her chest to avoid a malfunction, Kendall’s AWKWARD top shows off some of her skin. Meanwhile, as Kendall Jenner tries her best to avoid a malfunction, in the pictures below, the supermodel is also seen folding her hands close at the very end of the top to just off some peek-a-boo.

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