Every death game in a squid game 2021

Netflix’s wildly popular K-drama Squid Game sees 456 cash-strapped contestants fight to the death to win a huge cash prize. Unsurprisingly, then, it is full of gore and violence.

That said, there are definitely some eliminations that hit harder than others, with some heartbreaking and unexpected twists along the way.

Here, we rank the most noteworthy deaths in Squid Game, from gruesome to downright disturbed.

While every single episode of Squid Game includes brutal tasks and gory deaths, Episode 6 is by far the most heartbreaking of all (as we’ll expand on below).

The contestants are first placed into a room before they are told they have to pair up. Owing to the fact there is an uneven number at this stage, one player will be left without a partner.

Some decide to be strategic and team up with physically strong or intelligent players, while others see it as an opportunity to pair with their pals. One such couple is husband and wife, No. 069 and No. 070.

Despite initially believing the task would see them fight other couples in order to avoid elimination, in a dark turn of events, the players are told once they enter the arena that they would, in fact, be facing each other.

After the most intense round of marbles known to man, No. 070 (the wife) loses and is shot dead by the guards. Later, back in the dorm where the players sleep, her husband No. 069 takes his own life.