20 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Ever CAUGHT On Camera

This is life, and every moment something happens with somebody. Some of us are witnesses of these kinds of incidents but most of them missed them. Then the camera comes in our life, and it captured sometimes one of the most embarrassing moments happen with us.

We mean, good for him for soldiering on! While performing the first show of his world tour in Arizona, Bieber stopped and turned midway through Out of Town Girl. Before audiences could wonder if he was mooning them, Bieber puked and ran offstage, leaving his dancers to awkwardly frolic around a puddle of vomit. Now that’s what we call professional.

Not wanting to disappoint his fans, Bieber gamely returned and blamed his sickness on having too much milk before the concert. Throwing up in public is embarrassing enough. Throwing up in front of 20,000 people who are avidly watching is probably wanting to die uncomfortable.

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