Lamborghini to Launch First Fully Electric Model

Another supercar manufacturer, this time the Italians, has declared ambitions for electrification. Bentley, too, had unveiled plans for the brand’s electrified future earlier this week. While the British are targeting 2025 for the launch of their first completely electric vehicle, Lamborghini has set a date of 2028. That’s true, the first all-electric Lambo won’t come for another six years, which is a long time. Stephan Winkelmann, the company’s CEO, made these announcements lately.

Lamborghini, a Volkswagen Group company, has chosen a cautious approach to the concept of electrification. Last year, Winkelmann stated that the brand’s first completely electric vehicle will be released in the second part of the decade. The hybrid version of the Aventador, which will come with a V12 combined with a plug-in hybrid system that will offer it an electric-only mode, will kick off the electrification process next year.

The Urus will have a hybrid variant shortly after that. The Urus lineup will be updated, and it will, of course, include a hybrid variant, akin to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. Lamborghini will then introduce a hybrid Huracan to the mix. It’s also possible that, like the Aventador, the V10 engine will be combined with a hybrid system. Lamborghini’s first completely electric model, however, will be a four-seater coupé sport utility vehicle (SUV), paying homage to the grand tourer history (GTs).