YouCam Makeup (MOD, Premium)

Apps used to edit photos have long been indispensable in mobile devices. Because of the growth of social networks, everyone wants to get a great picture to post on. Users may be familiar with many popular image editing applications such as Camera360 and many other apps that have been released for a long time. But today, I will give users another app, launched later, but there are many outstanding points for users to explore. That application is YouCam Makeup – an image editing application that has received the attention of so many users today. It was only released long after Camera360, but the app has attracted the attention of many users and has reached millions of users.

YouCam Makeup (MOD, Premium)

Automatic makeup

Every time a user wants to get the best photos to post online, they will need a lot of makeup. To get a beautiful face, the time spent on makeup will often be very long, and not everyone has enough time to do that. More importantly, some people do not have the ability to makeup; not only do not make themselves more beautiful but even worse. So with this application, the user does not need to do that because the app can automatically make up for the user with the application’s tools. Users can do things like Lip Color, Teeth Whitener, Eyeliner, and many other makeup tools for users to use. Now, there is no need to spend too much time to make up too sophisticated, just open the application that users can make up themselves with this application.

BEAUTIFY feature

As an image editing app, it certainly can only make users more beautiful only, this function is to do it. This form of photography gives users a lot of different tools to make users more beautiful. Things that the app has, like Smooth – make the skin smoother, Face Shaper – edit the face, Tone – use to adjust the skin tone and many other things. Users can easily become an incredibly beautiful person when using this application to take pictures.

YouCam Makeup (MOD, Premium)

Various editing tools

This application has a lot of different tools for users to edit their images. If you can use these tools well, you can easily create a great photo. With the tools that the application brings, users can use it in many different cases to create the best picture. Things that the app has, such as contrast, exposure, highlights, and many other things to support the image editing of the user. With the Cutout function of this application, users can cut and stitch subjects to many different backgrounds.

YouCam Makeup (MOD, Premium)

Adjust hairstyle and hair color

Hair dye will make us stand out from the crowd, but this will also cause our hair to be damaged. So with this application, users can customize the color of the hair without having to go dye. Users can take photos with different hair colors to make the image stand out. Not only that, but the application also allows users to edit the user’s hairstyle to bring more fresh experience.

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