Wild Hunter 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Wild Hunter 3D is a hunting game where players can enter a completely realistic world with diverse hunting objectives. You can experience various weapons along with totally impressive hunting aids. At the same time, you can also improve your skills by tracking many different animals, and for sure, you will need to meet the requirements of the stage to be able to participate in it.

Wild Hunter 3D


In Wild Hunter 3D, players will be able to travel to many different areas, from the desert to the impressive forests that you will not be able to ignore. Your role in the game is understandable but requires many skills when the target you hunt will be completely diverse. They will be able to move or move so quickly that you will need to aim correctly. Therefore, players will need to spend time adapting to each different target and gun type.

Wild Hunter 3D

You will control the character from a first-person perspective and focus entirely on aiming. In other words, you will control the angle of the shot according to the target you are aiming for. In addition, you will not move, and your position will be fixed entirely. For example, you will hide in a specific area in the game or appear on a constantly moving vehicle. From there, this element will bring excitement to players and challenges that force them to overcome to receive money.

Wild Hunter 3D


Players will find many different weapons and how to control them is completely simple in Wild Hunter 3D. You will have an aiming button, a corresponding fire button, and depending on the gun type, you will also be able to change the angle of view corresponding to the movement of the target you are aiming at with just a swipe. In addition, you will know what you need to do in this game by the task to do at each level. You also experience modern equipment to support effective hunting.

Wild Hunter 3D

The authenticity that the game brings to players also appears in some supported devices. Specifically, you will be able to observe the position of the body parts of a different animal through the Thermal Vision Goggles (TVG) device. It will be advantageous if you need to aim at a specific part that has been specified in advance. In addition, you can also control the actions of other animals if they run away with Stun Grenade.

Wild Hunter 3D


During playing Wild Hunter 3D, players will experience many different types of guns, and in most cases, you will need to use the weapon specified by that level. From there, the fact that you can use various weapons is an inevitable and not boring thing for players. You will experience many weapons, from rifles to snipers, and each has characteristics that you must pay attention to. Their quality and strength also improve over time.

Upgrading new weapons is ultimately a necessity and meets two factors. The first factor is that each weapon has its stats, and you will need to pay attention to which essential factors need to be focused on. At the same time, the elements that you need to upgrade are regulated by the game stage. In other words, if you want to play a game, you must upgrade the corresponding stats to be eligible to participate.

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